Augmented Reality

In late 2021, I decided to revisit prior attempts at AR (Augmented Reality).  At this time I was knee-deep into my backdrops project that began with Funko Pops, and had by this time decided to focus on 1:64th scale automobile collectibles. 

Technology has advanced to the point that I was able to quickly make my vision a reality and within 2 weeks came up with the following backgrounds.  Each of these backgrounds trigger an Augmented Reality action that makes them come alive. 

1. The Camping Scene

This is the very first design I created with the addition of AR.  The bear is a 3D model.  Later I realized that I could achieve some very good results without the need for animated 3D models. This background is static.  

Copyright Robert De Anda 2021

2. Tower Bridge (London)

Soon the animation moved to the actual background with the use of time-lapse photography.  The flag and the telephone booth on this piece are on separate planes from the background.  Of course, British vehicles were used here; a 1963 Aston Healey Roadster, and a 1956 Jaguar XK140.

Copyright Robert De Anda 2021

3. The Fire Department

This project began with the idea first upon coming across the image of the brick building.  The entire concept hatched in my mind and I ordered the FDNY cars online.  My initial idea was to render the fire in Photoshop.  I settled on a multi-plane set up that allowed the fire to burn smoothly.  I am sure that I will revisit this one and add more elements when time permits. 

Copyright Robert De Anda 2021

4. The Drive-In Theatre

A close-up shot of the door of red and white '55 Chevy that I shot over a decade ago was the inspiration for this drive-in theatre background.  The animated "Feature Presentation" activates in Augmented Reality.  

Copyright Robert De Anda 2021